A Rocky Road of A1cs

I received my newest A1c result today. I’m happy with my progress. And so is my PCP (at my HMO, non-insulin dependent diabetics aren’t allowed to see Endos.  My guess is that this is a cost saving measure for the HMO).  In response to my lab results  my doctor sent me an email titled “Way to Go!”

Looking at my A1c history I can sum it by saying, “When I work the program it really does work for me!  And when I fall off the wagon I fall into a well on an abandoned property!”

I have become complacent in the past and that’s when the numbers go up and up and up. I know now to never turn my back on the sharp-toothed beast that is diabetes.

Name                    Hgb A1c %

Standard Range   4.6-6.0 %

11/15/2008                11.2

01/17/2009                 7.1

04/18/2009                 5.6

07/18/2009                 5.5

10/17/2009                 5.7

04/17/2010                 6.2

08/14/2010                 6.5

11/13/2010                 6.3

08/05/2011               10.1

12/19/2011                 7.7

07/07/2012                8.6

11/10/2012              10.8

01/05/2013               8.6

02/09/2013               8.0

06/15/2013               6.7

2 thoughts on “A Rocky Road of A1cs

  1. edna

    Nikki, I checked out your blog and notice that when you where consistent with your A1c’s you were in control. When you spaced them out that’s where you lost control. I hate taking A1c’s cuz I’m afraid of being disappointed. I do agree with you on the dinners. They are really more dangerous than any of the others. I had a reading of 98 before dinner I know it’s really going to spike up. Will do better tomorrow.

  2. shirehobbitspantry Post author

    I share your feelings around A1cs! When there is a longer gap than three months between my A1cs it means I’m dragging my feet about going in for the blood test because I know that I am not going to be happy with the result.

    Regarding dinners, a 98 reading before dinner is a good number for some people. When you have this number before dinner does this means you are going to have a higher than usual number after dinner?


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