Is Ninety the New Normal?


I’ve gotten quite a few 90 glucose readings recently. When I got one this afternoon I didn’t freak out, I merely made a tasty 17 g carbs snack and went about my day. I’m wondering if a 90 is a perfectly good reading for my T2 diabetic body? Maybe I don’t need to eat anything when I see this number on my meter (unless my stomach is growling). After all, 90 isn’t a low. Any thoughts on this?

2 thoughts on “Is Ninety the New Normal?

  1. shirehobbitspantry Post author

    Thanks, Amanda. I think it is just my body (and my mind) getting used to numbers under that a 100 are okay health-wise. Yesterday before lunch I was at shopping at the mall and my body nudged me to to check my blood sugar. It was 87; I had lunch and I was fine.


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