Almond Buns!

Breakfast with Almond Bun


I miss all forms of baked goods. Alas, they wreck havoc on my blood sugar.  So  I was excited to find an online recipe for a breakfast bun made with almond flour (I use Honeyville Farms Blanched Almond Flour because it is finely ground).  Breakfast was two eggs cooked in extra virgin coconut oil with chorizo sausage and mushrooms, topped with half an avocado, with an almond bun side. It was an awesome meal!

Now the batter was supposed to fill six wells of a Muffin Top pan. Mine only filled five because I stuck the melted butter in the fridge for a little bit (don’t ask me why) which ended up changing the consistency of the batter. The finished product still tasted delicious.

The next day I topped a bun with a squeeze pack of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter (8 g carbs) for a filling snack that didn’t taste too sweet.

I think next time I make these I’ll put caramelized onions and green chili peppers in three of them. For the other three I’ll use the amount of sugar called for in the recipe (I used a third of it for my first attempt) and add cinnamon.  So I’ll have savory buns and sweet buns.

Here’s the link to website with the recipe in case you’d like to do your own kitchen experiments:



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