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Food Bar Guessing Game

I eat out a lot. I’m working on making healthy choices when I’m away from home. And serving myself smaller portions.
This is what I had had for breakfast yesterday:

Three tater tots

Lowfat cottage cheese with strawberries halves, blueberries and raw sunflower seeds

Scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, bell peppers and mushrooms cooked in olive oil

I find it frustrating that I’m not good at eye-balling portions at food bars. How many eggs did I dish up? If I think in terms of visualizing measuring cups, does one egg equal 1/4 cup?


breakfast at food bar

Dinner Versus Morning BG

On Thursday morning my fasting blood sugar was 111. That’s because during my brief visit to the Wednesday Night Farmers Market I had Indian Vegetable Curry (no rice and no Naan bread) instead of a sweet crepe (which would have been filled with lovely things that aren’t lovely for people with diabetes). Amazing how this works. My long term goal is to eat mostly moderate carb dinners, with an occasional planned cheat meal.

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At the Movies

Before diabetes I’d eat candy or ice cream at the movies. After diabetes entered my life I’d sneak low carb food into the theatre. This weekend I wanted to figure out a way to eat during the movie without resorting to bringing in outside food.

I decided to go with the lowest carb thing on the menu — the 100% beef hot dog. I had them take it out of the wrapper and put it in an open box and pour “nacho” cheese on it (I don’t want to know what was in the cheese! Maybe another day I’ll Goggle the ingredients!). I added green peppers from the relish bar, then I cut the hot dog into bite size pieces and ate them off the bun, which I used as a plate.

Two hours later when I checked my blood sugar I was pleased to see that it was 95.

Of course the best way to handle this would have been to eat a healthy before going to the movies.  Sometimes it works out that way, sometimes it doesn’t. I like having a Plan B.