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Chasing Falling Numbers

Okay, so it wasn’t technically a low (under 70), but I felt off-kilter so I checked my blood sugar after breakfast and found it to be 90.  The combination of a moderate carb meal and oral meds does that to me sometimes.  Now some people would rejoice at a 90 glucose reading but that isn’t in my comfort zone.

Now I’ve read in other peoples’ blogs that it isn’t a good idea to indulge in junk food as a way of bringing up your blood sugar, and to tell you the truth, I had never done that (I always got some juice). Well,  this time I threw caution to the wind and ate a German Chocolate cupcake! I was sure that would do the trick and then some.

An hour passed and I still wasn’t feeling quite right so I checked my bg again. This time it was 81!  What was going on here! So I headed to the vending machine for some juice.  On the few occasions when I’ve been under 70 at work I’d drink a can of straight orange juice.  But I have a slight food intolerance to oranges and didn’t feel like doing more harm to my body (I knew that cupcake was going to sneak up on me and cause havoc), so I decided to go for the apple juice. When I retrieved the can from the machine I was surprised to see that it was apple-cranberry. I turned the can around and read that it had corn syrup in it. Not!  So I gave it to a coworker, and decided to buy the orange juice after all. Alas, it was not meant to be. The orange juice was sold out. I was beginning to run out of options (I don’t like the taste of soft drinks, with the exception of anything made by Virgil’s Micro-Brewed — they use natural herbs and spices and cane sugar), so I decided on a V-8, which turned out to have 14 grams of carbs. I hadn’t had one in years (tomatoes are another food that my body hates) and it tasted so good!

I tested my blood sugar an hour later and it was up to 144. I thought it would be much higher. Sometimes Often times Most times I can’t predict what number is going to pop up on my meter.

What I learned from this is that I either need to go back to having kid sized lunchbox cartons of orange or apple juice stashed in my desk drawer, or I need to buy a bottle of GlucoLift tablets (the berry sounds good!).